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I got one for ya

What does everyone know/think about the mystery surrounding the opening theme, "Hey, Sandy"? I did a bit of online research and came up with some weird stuff...

Originally released as part of the legendary elusive Kelloggs give away tape ("Happily Deranged ... featuring Polaris"), Hey Sandy is the song all Pete and Pete fans will instantly recognise - it's the tune used for the opening sequence of every episode. Quite simply it is THE song of Pete and Pete. The version used for the show is considerably shorter, as it contains only the first verse and misses out the almost calypso style instrumental. The song provided fans with one of the big talking points of the programme - what is that third line? Singer and writer Mark "Muggy" Mulcahy has always kept this a secret. Here are some reasons that we have been sent that some people think may explain this:

- The lyrics are of a controversial nature: not what the show's producers wanted associated with a kid's show.
- Mark doesn't know himself. They were originally just mumbled any old way.
- The lyrics are of a personal nature and Mark feels the need to keep them to himself
- As soon as some people thought it was hard to decipher and began asking Mark what the line was, he thought it would be funny to keep it a secret

The unknown 3rd line from "Hey Sandy" SOLVED!

While this has not yet been confirmed by Mark Mulcahy, I believe that the mystery of the undecipherable third line from "Hey Sandy" is:

"Can You Settle to Shoot Me"

Why am I sure this is correct? While this has been guessed before, recently an email from Spyk provided an interesting fact (below is his full email) that clears things up a whole lot. It seems that "Hey Sandy" is a revamp of an older song, also entitled "Hey Sandy", by Harvey Andrews, off his "Writer of Songs" album (you can download the song from the site). It is a song about Sandy Schuer, a college student who was shot by the national guard during the Kent State riot of 1970. Therefore, "can you settle to shoot me" seems to be the most accurate guess, and in my opinion, must be correct. Remember, you heard it first here at Polarisweb!

"Can you see the 'shroom babe?"

I think that it is a reference to the mushroom cloud that happens after a nuclear missile hits it's target.
The version that i have has an intro that includes ..."jupiter or thor is perfect, we need atlas for our long distance stuff,
the titan will be even better, they shouldn't have cancelled navajo, wait 'til you see our submarines with polaris"...

Jupiter, thor, atlas, titan, navajo and polaris are all US cruise missiles. the reference to long distance and submarines
makes this clear.

This also makes sense when coupled with ..."can you see the 'shroom babe?
or have you been to your target yet?" What sandy has to do with this, i have no idea.

"Guiltily I thought you had it coming" becomes more interesting too

And there are plenty more too. I've listed the web sites following the quotes so you guys can look them up yourselves. Myself, I'm a little disturbed to know the theme song is about the Kent State massacres, but it seems the most plausible of all the theories. What do you guys think?

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