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I'm new here! - Pete and Pete [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Adventures of Pete and Pete

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I'm new here! [Aug. 23rd, 2011|12:02 pm]
The Adventures of Pete and Pete


Gang - I just wanted to drop in and say hello!  I just found this comm, and it's fantastic!  I had a few things I thought would be interesting - and a question.

1)  have you all seen this from Chris Viscardi's IMBD page:

Re: PLEASE can we have season 3 of Pete + Pete??


by viscardi-1

(Mon Dec 15 2008 14:42:08)

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We've been trying to get Nickelodeon to release it for three years. It's been a total nightmare.

They have the DVD's printed and packaged. They're just sitting in a warehouse. The reason is

that there is a song in an episode by the now defunct band Luscious Jackson and Nickelodeon

doesn't want to pay for the rights. Until they do, the dvd's will just sit there, unsold and unseen.

A shame.

Thanks for asking.


That answers a lot of questions re: Season 3.  if this has already been posted - my apologies.

2)  I grew up in Maplewood, NJ - one town over from South Orange.  My family used to go watch the filming of Pete and Pete locally all the time.  In fact we were on set for almost the entire shoot of the battle between Paper Cut, Little Pete and Artie from Farewell My Little Viking.  That playground was down the block from my house...  Little Pete used a sharipe and drew a Petunia tattoo on my little sisters arm.  Good times.

3)  Finally - does anyone have a nice, clean, MP3 version of the intro and outro VO from the "Happily Deranged" cassette?  Thanks in advance!

[User Picture]From: gntlmn1220
2014-10-21 12:29 am (UTC)

Re: Happily Deranged MP3!

ROCK ON!! Thanks so much!! Does this have that rad spoken-VO intro and outro by Big Pete!?


Thanks so sincerely,
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