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What Music did Pete & Pete get you Into? (Time to Reminesce....For Science! )

Hey! I absolutely love this show. So much that I am doing a paper on it for my media studies class on television and its fans.

I really need to know this to move forward. I am wondering if I am alone in loving alternative/indie/college rock partially (or mostly) because of watching Pete and Pete as a kid? I watched the show when I was around 7-8 years old. Afterward, whenever I would hear a guitar strain that sounded like something that would be on the show, a special little spark ignited in the part of my heart that loves music and connected that sound to the wonderful feelings I had about this show. Because of this, I love Miracle Legion, Polaris, The Magnetic Fields, and other indie pop/rock that had an influence on or was influenced by the bands played on this show.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Did anyone else get into music featured on this show, and then expanded that interest into liking more of that band's catalogue, or into liking the entire genre that it was a part of?

Please tell me here how the music on Pete and Pete changed your taste in music.

Thanks so much! I will cite you, or leave you anonymous, if you prefer, just leave how you want to be cited in the comment, or private message it to me. You will also get approximately 2500 brownie points for making my paper, which is half about the fan response to the show, way better than it would be without you.


Media Studies student
Hunter College

*Note: I know that there are already topics that address the music of this show. However, this is a change for you to pontificate- to expand on the brief comments left in the other threads. Thanks much!

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