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The house where Pete & Pete lived

Woah, this community is pretty dead! I meant to post these a long time ago so I guess now is as good a time as any.

I ventured to the exotic wilds of New Jersey last year to stay with my friend for the weekend. She lives in the Oranges area -- quite near South Orange, where much of Pete and Pete was filmed!

Authentic South Orange lightpost!

The house as it was in March 2008!

The owner of the house came home while we were taking pictures. He looked rather confused and annoyed. I wonder how often people come by and take pictures?

Oh, and another note, the street looks quite different in person. It's actually quite steep and winding. They certainly employed some wild camera angling on the show. The next time I go back I'll definitely take more pictures! My friend also went to the same high school the show was filmed at.
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