Mizu (mizufae) wrote in peteandpete,

Guys, what, why hasn't there been a post about this here yet? Maybe there has and I missed it. Anyway, OMG LOOK:

Neighborhoodies makes an Artie "Strongest Man in the World" Tshirt or hoodie.

Neighborhoodies is a slightly overpriced online store that allows you to make completely custom tshirts, hoodies, and other stuff, but they also have a "readymade" design section that includes a lot of different designs. You can choose from over a bazillion color combo options. I am waffling on getting this, because, do I really need another tshirt? But having seen Neighborhoodies stuff in person I can confirm that indeed, their things are all nicely high quality, and their business and employee practices are very above the bar.

As for folks who don't just like pete & pete but have a thang for all late eighties early nineties children's and family television, they have designs from the Wonder Years, Saved by the Bell and even Olmec!!! and Alex Mac!!! designs. Color me impressed.

Swear to the big viking out there, I'm not being paid by these folks to advertise, I'm just spreading the word, and if you are the type who doesn't think any tshirt should be more than twenty bucks you are going to be out of luck on their website. Kay bye!
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