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hm... hi (:

Hey guys!
I'm new here. I'm from Brazil, and yeah, they showed Pete & Pete here too! Unfortunately, I'm the only 90's kid who remembers it, apparently. It was rarely shown on our Nickelodeon, but whenever it did, I called my old bro (who is 25 now) and we  watched it together. ♥ good times...

A few days ago I suddenly remembered of P&P's awesomeness, so I began watching the episodes again.. (internet is wonderful, huh?) and I was surprised! I still remembered so many things... a hard day's pete was so clear in my memory, it was magical.

I have watched the whole 2 seasons now (downloading the third one) and every episode I watch makes me feel all emotional and nostalgic.
I... I don't know what to say ;_; I want my childhood back. Does Pete&Pete have this effect on anyone else?

ps: I cried like a baby on farewell, my little viking.... did you guys cry too? ):

ps2: sorry about the long, self-centered post. I'm just so happy that I found a place to share my p&p love with others :C my mates don't even remember it...
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