October 26th, 2009

P&P artie!
  • mizufae

Hi there!

Hello lovely peteandpete members!

The previous maintainer of this community, ashleybot, has been moving away from Livejournal for a while. I asked her if she might like to pass custody of peteandpete on to me, and she said yes. So hello, I'm mizufae and I'm your new community maintainer/admin/mod person.

Just a bit about me, I run oh, three other fandom communities on LJ: 5_4_3_2 (iCarly, my main fandom), startwek (a very niche Star Trek community, of course), and koozakite (an extremely small fangroup of Cirque du Soleil's Kooza). I'm the person who did the icons 100 for Pete & Pete, and at least some of you guys are still using them. I get a kick out of it every time I see one. :)

I've already made all of my intended changes:

If you don't remember, the front page of this community was a nearly unreadable orange text on white background. I've poked around and played with some settings (and switched us to S2 instead of S1) and now I think things are viewable, but keeping to theme.

There is also a nifty link banner in the community profile, it looks like this:

Link to us!

Seriously, that's all I'm going to do. If I get frisky, I might make a slightly shinier community icon. My goal here is to be a steward of sorts, for my favorite show of all time, and in case the fandom ever picks up again, I'm here and I'm active and I have a permanent LJ account. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, shoot me a PM. See you around!