I'm new here!

Gang - I just wanted to drop in and say hello!  I just found this comm, and it's fantastic!  I had a few things I thought would be interesting - and a question.

1)  have you all seen this from Chris Viscardi's IMBD page:

Re: PLEASE can we have season 3 of Pete + Pete??


by viscardi-1

(Mon Dec 15 2008 14:42:08)

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We've been trying to get Nickelodeon to release it for three years. It's been a total nightmare.

They have the DVD's printed and packaged. They're just sitting in a warehouse. The reason is

that there is a song in an episode by the now defunct band Luscious Jackson and Nickelodeon

doesn't want to pay for the rights. Until they do, the dvd's will just sit there, unsold and unseen.

A shame.

Thanks for asking.


That answers a lot of questions re: Season 3.  if this has already been posted - my apologies.

2)  I grew up in Maplewood, NJ - one town over from South Orange.  My family used to go watch the filming of Pete and Pete locally all the time.  In fact we were on set for almost the entire shoot of the battle between Paper Cut, Little Pete and Artie from Farewell My Little Viking.  That playground was down the block from my house...  Little Pete used a sharipe and drew a Petunia tattoo on my little sisters arm.  Good times.

3)  Finally - does anyone have a nice, clean, MP3 version of the intro and outro VO from the "Happily Deranged" cassette?  Thanks in advance!

The Great Inventors!!

Hey you Pete and Pete fans! Remember when Pete and Pete were the orginial hipster redhead brothers before the Weasley Twins? Always getting into some weird mischief and exploring their bizarre and quirky environment? Well, it seems like the Weasleys have taken some lessons from our Redheaded Legends, since Pete and Pete practically invented the defintion of a hipster!

Don't believe me? Check out this website!! MTV's blog actually states it as a fact. Therefore, Pete and Pete invented hipsters is clearly a true statement. So if you have any hipster friends who think the Weasley twins invented the redheaded hipster, tell them to get their facts straight, blowholes!


Pete and Pete returns!!


Oh my goodness, this will make you day. MTV's twitter announced the other day that they will be showing retro nick shows such as The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains It All, All That, and Keanan and Kel on Teenick this fall!! It will be a block at night called "The 90's are All That" around 12-2 am. I don't know why it's so late, but come on, staying up is worth the watch!!!!!!

Here are some links you can check out the articles

Here a Then and Now look at all the Nickelodeon stars and the info about the them. And they show pictures of Mike Maronna now! And Danny Tamberelli now!!

Can someone say nostalgia fest in the nearby future?
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What Music did Pete & Pete get you Into? (Time to Reminesce....For Science! )

Hey! I absolutely love this show. So much that I am doing a paper on it for my media studies class on television and its fans.

I really need to know this to move forward. I am wondering if I am alone in loving alternative/indie/college rock partially (or mostly) because of watching Pete and Pete as a kid? I watched the show when I was around 7-8 years old. Afterward, whenever I would hear a guitar strain that sounded like something that would be on the show, a special little spark ignited in the part of my heart that loves music and connected that sound to the wonderful feelings I had about this show. Because of this, I love Miracle Legion, Polaris, The Magnetic Fields, and other indie pop/rock that had an influence on or was influenced by the bands played on this show.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Did anyone else get into music featured on this show, and then expanded that interest into liking more of that band's catalogue, or into liking the entire genre that it was a part of?

Please tell me here how the music on Pete and Pete changed your taste in music.

Thanks so much! I will cite you, or leave you anonymous, if you prefer, just leave how you want to be cited in the comment, or private message it to me. You will also get approximately 2500 brownie points for making my paper, which is half about the fan response to the show, way better than it would be without you.


Media Studies student
Hunter College

*Note: I know that there are already topics that address the music of this show. However, this is a change for you to pontificate- to expand on the brief comments left in the other threads. Thanks much!
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I found this community after searching endlessly for the answer to my Pete and Pete question
I'm really hoping fellow fans can help me out!

There is an episode of P&P where some kid has a massive sandwich on the bus. I remember it had potato chips on it. It was called something like "the perfect kid's sandwich" or something to that effect. Can anyone help me??

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Hi there!

Hello lovely peteandpete members!

The previous maintainer of this community, ashleybot, has been moving away from Livejournal for a while. I asked her if she might like to pass custody of peteandpete on to me, and she said yes. So hello, I'm mizufae and I'm your new community maintainer/admin/mod person.

Just a bit about me, I run oh, three other fandom communities on LJ: 5_4_3_2 (iCarly, my main fandom), startwek (a very niche Star Trek community, of course), and koozakite (an extremely small fangroup of Cirque du Soleil's Kooza). I'm the person who did the icons 100 for Pete & Pete, and at least some of you guys are still using them. I get a kick out of it every time I see one. :)

I've already made all of my intended changes:

If you don't remember, the front page of this community was a nearly unreadable orange text on white background. I've poked around and played with some settings (and switched us to S2 instead of S1) and now I think things are viewable, but keeping to theme.

There is also a nifty link banner in the community profile, it looks like this:

Link to us!

Seriously, that's all I'm going to do. If I get frisky, I might make a slightly shinier community icon. My goal here is to be a steward of sorts, for my favorite show of all time, and in case the fandom ever picks up again, I'm here and I'm active and I have a permanent LJ account. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, shoot me a PM. See you around!
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Miracle Legion albums?

Sorry if this is OT, but I was wondering if anyone has any Miracle Legion albums? Especially "Surprise Surprise Surprise", "Glad" or "Portrait of a Damaged Family"? It is basically impossible to find these and I thought since most of you know/like Mark Mulcahy, this would be a good place to ask. Thanks!
miss christine
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Mark Mulcahy tribute album

Musical visionary types take care of their own. Mark Mulcahy was the frontman for the 1980s Connecticut-based alt-rock band Miracle Legion, who released a few hard-to-find albums of R.E.M.-esque college rock jangle before breaking up in the mid-90s. He also led Polaris, the band who did the music for the beloved Nickelodeon kids' show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete". Since then, he's released three solo albums.

Late last year, Mulcahy's wife Melissa died unexpectedly, leaving him to take care of his three-year-old twin daughters. If Mulcahy is going to keep making music, he'll need help. And fortunately, he's getting it.

On September 29, Shout! Factory will release Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy, a tribute album to Mulcahy that will also serve as a benefit for him. An amazingly stacked lineup of indie rock greats have contributed their versions of Mulcahy songs. Thom Yorke takes on "All for the Best", Michael Stipe turns in his version of "Everything's Coming Undone", and the National handle "Ashamed of the Story I Told". Dinosaur Jr., Mercury Rev, and Frank Black also contribute songs. Tracklist below. Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy:

01 Thom Yorke: "All for the Best"
02 The National: "Ashamed of the Story I Told"
03 Michael Stipe: "Everything’s Coming Undone"
04 David Berkeley: "Love's the Only Thing That Shuts Me Up"
05 Dinosaur Jr.: "The Backyard"
06 Chris Harford and Mr. Ray Neal: "Micon the Icon"
07 Frank Black: "Bill Jocko"
08 Vic Chesnutt: "Little Man"
09 Unbelievable Truth: "Ciao My Shining Star"
10 Butterflies of Love: "I Have Patience"
11 Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne: "Cookie Jar"
12 Frank Turner: "The Quiet One"
13 Rocket From the Tombs: "In Pursuit of Your Happiness"
14 Ben Kweller: "Wake Up Whispering"
15 Josh Rouse: "I Woke Up in the Mayflower"
16 Autumn Defense: "Paradise"
17 Hayden: "Happy Birthday Yesterday"
18 Juliana Hatfield: "We're Not in Charleston Anymore"
19 Mercury Rev: "Sailors and Animals"
20 Elvis Perkins: "She Watches Over Me"
21 Sean Watkins: "A World Away From This One"
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